How Do I Compare to Other Chiropractic Patients?

It’s March Madness!

Have you filled out your bracket? Are you competitive about who wins or loses?


Even if you don’t follow college basketball, I’m sure you are competitive about something else in life. Competition is normal and a good thing. If there wasn’t any competition at all there would be no way that things would ever improve. The problem comes when people come into the office and want to compete with other people.


Okay maybe not compete but there is always a level of comparison. This is where the problem is because everyone is different. That also goes for the care we give people at The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Lake Country. People will come in and we will take the initial x-rays, and nervous system scans. Then we go over the test results with them explaining what’s going on. This is when people start to wonder how they are doing in relation to others that come in the office.


The comparison doesn’t really make sense.

Sure we have objective measures like computerized infrared thermography scans at every visit but those are unique for each individual. Sometimes people come in and they don’t have very severe symptoms but their x-rays and scans are terrible. Sometimes people come in and they have severe symptoms but their x-rays and scans don’t look too bad.


This is why I tell people that in the office we don’t compare because everyone is different.

This brings us to the next point…..when people come in and ask how bad they looked today because they’ve been experiencing certain symptoms. It’s like a light switch, the nervous system is either working how it should or it’s working how it shouldn’t. There is no middle ground and there is no way for us to give someone a “half adjustment.” We go further in depth on this topic in the video below.



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