Now, doesn’t a chiropractic adjustment make it so the bones crack, pop, and twist?

The answer is actually no.

Now, with a chiropractic adjustment, sure — sometimes we can hear a noise, and all that really is, is just little air bubbles popping inside of that joint space.

It has nothing to do with the actual bones cracking or twisting or anything like that.

I’m more focused on making it so that the body is relaxed, and that you’re feeling well.

I’m not worried about the sound that we’re making or the noise that people might want to hear.

I’m focused on the functioning of the body and making sure that the body is relaxed and working.

Chiropractic adjustments are totally safe, simple and often painless.

It’s a super easy thing, and it’s something that if you think you could benefit from this sort of thing, I want to help you out.

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