Myth busted.

The myth that we’re busting is the idea of cold and flu season.

See, there’s no such thing as an actual cold and flu season.

These viruses don’t just wake up during that time of year.

No, actually, what happens is, the body gets run down at that time of year.

There’s a bunch of extra stressors put on the body during that time.

It starts to get a little bit colder out.

We start to have holiday parties.

We’re not eating really how we’re supposed to be eating or how we normally eat throughout the year.

This has a huge impact on the body as a whole.

I’m Dr. Mike Merkt with the Specific Chiropractic Centers.

What I do is help the body work at 100% function.

We do this by working directly with the nervous system — the immune system is actually under the control of the nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost up the immune system and make it work through cold and flu season, even though that isn’t really a season.

If you’re looking to boost your body as a whole, check us out.