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Is Your Health Micro or Macro?

Have you ever played with a camera that has one of those big lenses on it?

You’re able to turn the rings on the lens and that will zoom the camera in on something small or zoom the camera out so you can see more through the lens. It’s pretty fascinating how all of that works but we’re not going to go into the details of all of that. 

I find some of the pictures and videos people can take of nature/animals really amazing. I’ll sometimes get sucked into those planet earth shows on netflix and discovery channel. What amazes me the most is they will start out really general, then they gradually zoom in where you’ll see some of the larger animals and trees and all of that stuff. Then when everything is over you’re watching an ant or a tiny little jellyfish try and find food for itself. It’s the perfect example of macro and micro in my opinion.

The funny thing is that when it comes to our lives we tend to always focus on the micro. How are things right now? How am I feeling right now? How will this thing benefit or hurt me right now?

We rarely focus on things at the macro level such as how things may impact us in the future. We have been conditioned this way due to how society is nowadays. If we want a certain food or item we’re able to order it or get it immediately. There is no more waiting for much of anything anymore, which is pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself!

This does have implications in my opinion as well….some good and some bad!

We are able to get information faster than ever, which is definitely a good thing in certain situations, like if you have a broken bone or a cancer screening. 

This has also caused a lack of patience for certain things as well. 

If you’re not feeling well we expect to be able to take something to make us feel better pretty much immediately. Yes there are some pretty miraculous things out there for this but in the end we’re not really fixing the actual issue. Things like our health still aren’t immediate. We aren’t able to lose weight overnight yet. We can’t heal chronic conditions for good overnight, they take time. 

This is where the idea of our health being micro or macro really comes into play. 

If we are talking about losing weight or trying to get relief/resolution to a chronic health problem, being micro is actually damaging for us. When it comes to losing weight you don’t just lose it all at once, it’s very incremental. There are even times when you’re on a weight loss journey, working a bunch, eating great, and you still end up gaining weight! That can be demoralizing. There are people who let this tear them apart and ultimately stop trying to lose weight. All because of a little blip on the radar, but it is understandable as they are usually doing things they don’t necessarily enjoy doing.

The same can be said for people battling chronic health issues. It takes some pretty big lifestyle changes at times and often they don’t have immediate effects. Usually people will start feeling worse before they start to feel better. At that point it would be really easy to quit and at least accept the fact that they might feel crappy forever but at least they aren’t feeling worse!

It comes down to the quote of “most prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty,” from Virginia Satir.

Uncertainty is scary and if we are only looking at things from a micro perspective we are going to miss the huge potential upside that a change in our life might have on us. I see this a lot in the people I take care of at The Specific Chiropractic Center. Oftentimes people will not start feeling better or any sort of difference in the beginning stages of care. There can even be moments where they actually feel worse than when they initially began coming in. The reason for this is due to the nervous system. The care we provide focuses on the nervous system and making sure it is working correctly. Sometimes in the beginning stages of this it causes people to not feel the greatest along with feeling things they haven’t felt before. Almost like a master reset button. 

If people were to focus on this point of care many would decide to stop and never get to experience relief to their chronic health problems they came in with. It’s at this point when I really start to help people see the picture and attach themselves to the goal they are trying to achieve. If people are willing to put in the hard work and get through some of the crappy stuff they have no idea how great life can be on the other side. It comes down viewing your health more on a macro scale vs a micro scale.

Sure viewing things like very weird symptoms you may be experiencing and other things of that nature need to be focused on. But once we determine what’s going on and the changes that need to be made, I believe looking at the bigger picture is key. Taking note of the positive changes that are taking place are going to lead to even larger changes down the road. So if you’re holding that camera with the fancy lens don’t feel the need to always have it zoomed in for optimal detail. Zoom out every now and then, look at the big picture and see how everything is working together to create this amazing picture. If you think that you need help zooming out and viewing your health from a macro perspective reach out to us. I’d love to talk with you and see how we might be able to help you live your life to the fullest. 

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