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Swing Your Golf Pain Away

I’ve never gotten a hole in one on the golf course.

At the same time I haven’t really played a ton of golf. I was on the golf team in high school but that actually made me hate the game and it wasn’t until last year when my girlfriend encouraged me to start playing again so we can have a fun activity to do together.

One thing led to another and I’m pretty much back in love with the sport. It’s a great feeling when you strike and iron how it’s meant to be hit and the ball lands perfectly on the green. Or when you play an entire round how you know you’re capable of playing. There will always be those bad shots though, and that’s where I try to laugh. I’m not going professional or anything like that so it’s important to keep things fun.

Well I was at the driving range and it was the first time I swung my clubs in a couple months, due to winter, and I started to feel some discomfort in my neck and back. There is a lot of rotation involved in the golf swing so this made sense to me. The discomfort didn’t last long and I was back to feeling my normal self. 

This got me thinking, how many people out there struggle with golf because of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and lack of mobility? How many people have to give up this sport that they love because it causes them too much pain to play?

I don’t have an exact number but it’s gotta be quite a few people and what is awesome is I can actually do something to help those people!

How Can I Help You?

So you’re one of these people who is struggling with golf because of pain and discomfort along with some loss of mobility. Luckily you don’t have to be stuck with this forever. What we do at the office is focus on the nervous system. Now I know you’re thinking your issue isn’t with the nervous system but is with your muscles and joints, right? Well yes and no at the same time! Yes it is associated with your joints and muscles but what actually controls those things? The answer is your nervous system! This is why we focus on the nervous system at The Specific Chiropractic Centers. 

We first start off with this really cool tool that measures the functioning of the nervous system. We roll it up the back of your neck along with your entire spine. It tells us if everything is working correctly or if there is some sort of issue going on. If we see that there is an issue with the nervous system then we take a very specific set of x-rays. We actually put you into motion during these x-rays to see how everything is moving. We can assess and see if there are parts of the spine that may be getting hung up or stuck which helps us determine how we need to make the adjustment happen to get everything moving correctly again. 

First thing’s first though…the nervous system. Like I mentioned before this system controls everything that happens in the body. There are parts of the brain that send messages to all the muscles and ligaments of the body. If there is a roadblock on this message-way the muscles and ligaments the messages are supposed to be going to aren’t going to be working at the optimal potential. This can cause some muscles to compensate and overwork for the ones that aren’t working due to the lack of communication from the brain. Suddenly you start to experience some tightness and soreness all because of a communication problem inside the body. It’s like if you’re playing with a caddy and they kept handing you the wrong club on every shot. Over time that is going to add up and you’re going to shoot a terrible score! Our goal is to get these messages corrected allowing the brain to talk to the body correctly giving you back your mobility and pain free golf swing. 

As I mentioned before one of the things that needs to be done before we even do this is have a specific set of x-rays taken. What this does is it shows us what part of the body isn’t moving correctly. From here we can determine how the body needs to be adjusted. Usually we’ll find that the top two bones in the neck aren’t moving correctly. This throws off the rest of the entire body along with putting pressure on the nervous system and causing a blockade on that message-way we talked about earlier. We provide a very specific adjustment to this area, freeing up any stuck segments along with fixing the nervous system issue that caused the pain in the first place. This is my idea of a hole in one at the office!

A hole in one is something that many people will never achieve but when we are referencing it to your health it is something we can achieve and it can make you feel just about as good (if not better) than golf’s version! If you’re a golfer who is struggling to continue playing due to neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or mobility issues then this may be the hole in one you’re actually looking for to extend your career! It isn’t an instant fix, just like learning and becoming good at the game of golf isn’t immediate but with time we will have you back to your normal self enjoying the good and bad shots out on the golf course. You can always set up a complimentary consultation with us to check out the office, and we can do some simple testing to see if what we do can help you. Golf season is right around the corner so don’t hesitate to get yourself fixed up or even think about prevention for later on in life!

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