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More and more parents come into the office and talk about the explosions that happen inside of their homes.

We aren’t talking about a natural gas leak being sparked by a match….we’re talking about their children.

No the kids aren’t exploding literally, but they are having extreme meltdowns emotionally. This may not sound like much but when this happens in the house everyone is walking on eggshells. Heck, even when it doesn’t happen the family is walking on eggshells as this type of explosion could happen at any moment.

Childhood anger or Opposition Defiance Disorder is something that is rising at an alarming rate in the U.S. What is unique about this is the kids that are affected by this appear to be totally “normal” to outside people. What I mean by this is a lot of times these kids don’t have any other major conditions going on, they are totally ordinary kids, although sometimes they can struggle with things like anxiety or ADHD.

A lot of times the only sort of treatment for these sorts of things are a psychologist or prescription medications. Now these things can be effective but what I’ll hear time and time again is that parents don’t want their kids taking medications. This is where we come into play at The Specific Chiropractic Centers.

What can Chiropractic do for Opposition Defiance Disorder/Childhood Anger?!

This may seem like a very weird link as most people think of neck or back pain when they think of seeing a chiropractor. What the issue is with a lot of these kids is that they have a major nervous system issue going on. Often times their bodies are stuck in a state of chronic stress or something that is called fight or flight. So when a situation presents itself the only way their body knows how to respond is by severe anger. At The Specific Chiropractic Centers we balance this system out and bring their system to more of a relaxed resting state. This makes it so these kids can deal with certain situations that would normally really set them off in the past.

What’s really cool about this, is that we are able to help this condition without kids having to take medications!

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