You may be asking yourself, “why do I get frequent headaches?”

I once asked myself the same question.

When I was 17, I was super active – but one of the main things that I really liked to do was race motocross.

It was tons of fun, but it also took quite a toll on my body. Even at the age of 17, I was starting to have really bad back pain to the point where it was hard just to get on and off the bike, which is obviously quite a big issue.  It was affecting my ability to race motocross, stay active, and live life.

Now, on top of that, I was also having normal weekly headaches. Now, I say “normal,” because to me, I thought everyone had  three to four headaches a week and it was a normal thing.  I thought that everyone experienced these headaches, and that I should just wait them out.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that headaches are definitely not a normal thing, and it wasn’t normal for me to have such bad back pain at that age – or any age, really.  Back pain, headaches, and other types of pains aren’t “normal,” and they’re not something you should have to live with.

Because of my own experiences, I believe that no one should have to live with that sort of discomfort – any sort of neck pain, back pain, or anything like that.  No one should have to life with “normal” headaches or migraines, because frequently feeling pain is not normal – but the good news is, there’s help out there.

If you’re wondering, “why do I get frequent headaches?” or experience any kind of frequent headache, migraines, pain or discomfort, I’m Doctor Mike at The Specific Chiropractic Centers, and I hope I can help you out.