Why so many prescriptions?

Last year, the numbers say that for every man, woman, and child, 13 prescriptions were filled.

Now I don’t take any, so I don’t know who the other hundred people are.

I’m Dr. Mike of The Specific Chiropractic Centers right here in Lake Country.

It is not uncommon for me to see people who are taking multiple medications and they don’t know why.

This includes prescriptions for NSAIDs, antidepressants, sleep aids, and anti-anxiety meds–among others that can be found on your pharmacy counter or even physician’s desk file cabinet shelf.

How I can help you

These may have started as a treatment for a specific problem with relief from symptoms related to it but now might just seem like an answer to how we make our day go by more smoothly–or maybe keep us from feeling anxious or depressed while at work or school.

It’s my job to help my patients live a pain-free life, increase performance and experience, and allow people to be a lot more present with their families and friends.

I’ll always ask them what their main complaint is, or if they have heard of any other treatment options that might help the situation.

And then we go from there. Sometimes I get a patient in front of me with lots of prescriptions.

If I were seeing someone for a headache, for example, the first thing I would do is figure out why they have headaches in the first place–is there some kind of underlying problem?

What are their medications for that chronic condition or what other symptoms might come with having migraines?

If my patient has been on pain medication for years but doesn’t really know where it’s coming from (and most people find themselves at this point), then I’ll discuss all of those options with them before deciding together if it makes sense to move forward without prescriptions. And now let me be clear:

I’ll figure out if we can help you in your path towards health and wellness.