Childhood Anxiety: A Bigger Issue

Misbehaving, not listening, acting out, being shy….all of these are things that tons of kids do on a regular basis. At some point they are normal but when do they become too much and not normal? There are millions of kids that are doing some sort of behavior that looks normal if done here and there but when it becomes a regular occurrence is when it becomes a problem. This is when these behaviors start to be defined as “stims” or stimulation to keep the child at ease during certain times.


What does childhood anxiety look like? 

These stims can start to be diagnosed as ADHD, ADD, Autism, and a variety of other things. There’s no doubt that some children exhibiting these symptoms do have these diagnoses. There are others who get diagnosed with these things when in reality they are dealing with major childhood anxiety. It’s like their system is overloaded with information and the only option to calm down is to do something like the behaviors listed at the top. Millions of children are affected by anxiety just in the United States alone.

Anxiety is obviously a term that is thrown around very loosely in today’s day and age but this is different. There is an issue going on with the body and the brain/nervous system is taking in too much information. It’s like the systems aren’t filtering information how it’s supposed to causing anxiety to be experienced. Check out the video below for what we’re talking about regarding childhood anxiety, I think you’ll enjoy it!


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