THE specific BLOG

THE specific BLOG


Before I left my house this morning I opened up my phone and realized I am going to
need a jacket as it was rather chilly out.

I grabbed my favorite jacket for fall weather and was on my way.

As the cool crisp air hit my face it was a reminder of the changing of seasons. I was kind of wiggling around as it felt weird to have a jacket on again, funny how we get so used to summer.

I’m not sure about you but whenever I put a piece of clothing on for the first time in a long time it always feels a little bit odd. Like, I didn’t remember things feeling or fitting this way. I can’t imagine what it would be like if it always felt that way when putting on clothes. Never really wanting to wear the things you were supposed to wear or what’s considered normal.

Unfortunately there are tons of kids in the world that feel this way on a daily basis.

We take care of a lot of kids who deal with sensory processing issues and often find that clothing is something they are fussy about. They don’t like the way certain types of clothes feel on their skin so they choose not to wear them or have to wear something tight under them.

Often times this is due to a nervous system issue going on. The nervous system is key in managing how we feel certain things. A lot of the kids that come in and have problems with clothing almost always have some sort of dysfunction going on in their nervous systems. Once we see that there is this issue going on we figure out the best course of care. We provide a very specific chiropractic adjustment, which helps bring the nervous system back to normal functioning. Once everything is working how it’s supposed to, we start to see changes in people’s symptoms they are experiencing. If you have any questions about what we do at the office or what it looks like to work with us don’t hesitate to reach out!

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