The Gut Brain Axis and Your Health

I’ve seen a lot of chatter lately about the gut brain axis. Have you heard of this
phrase? Like, how is the gut tied to the brain? Other than the brain and nervous
system controlling everything that’s going on in the body.

Let’s step back a little bit as this really comes down to the microbiome. Microbiome
is a fancy word for the gut, and more importantly all the bacteria that makes up the
gut. There are millions and millions of bacteria in the stomach and intestines and it’s
important that the ratio remains how it’s supposed to. Along with that it’s important
that certain bacteria is in certain areas.

If this ratio is messed up and bacteria isn’t in the right spot suddenly certain things
can be absorbed into the body. When the body encounters things that it isn’t
supposed to what is the normal reaction?

To fight it off!

Imagine if the body keeps on absorbing things that it isn’t’ supposed to. Suddenly
the body is constantly in a state of fighting things off. This puts the body into a
chronic sympathetic response. When this happens is it becomes difficult for the
body to calm down and rest. A lot of chronic health issues have been tied to the body
being stuck in the chronic state of stress.

There are a number of things you can do to help this issue that may be going on.
People will suggest taking certain supplements, medications, cleanses, detoxes, and
a number of other remedies. These are all good things but what if the body isn’t
working how it’s supposed to?

Suddenly these supplements, foods, detoxes, cleanses, and medications may be
causing more harm then good. The thing that gets overlooked the most when talking
about the gut brain axis is the function of it all! If the gut isn’t working how it’s
supposed to and we are indeed stuck in this chronic state of stress how do we fix
that? The most important thing is balancing out the nervous system, which will
make the gut function how it is supposed to.


Once the gut is working how it’s supposed to and the nervous system is back in balance we start to see a lot issues clear up. Some of these being anxiety, depression, add, adhd, sensory processing issues, and more. If you want more information on this topic check out the video below or reach out to us!