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How Does Cryptocurrency Translate to Your Health?

Did you watch the superbowl this year?

Well if you did then there is no way you don’t know about cryptocurrency. 

I feel like at this point everyone in the country has heard the term cryptocurrency. If you haven’t I wonder what planet you might be living on!

The biggest of them all is Bitcoin and that is the one that is the most widely accepted. A lot of people see crypto as almost an extension, or mirror of the stock market. You invest in a coin and hope it goes up, just like a stock. 

The magic lies once you do a little bit more digging. You’ll soon find that this crypto thing is a lot larger than that! There are mechanisms that act like a savings account yielding anywhere from 3-20% annually! You’re able to take loans out against your own holdings, and much much more. It gives you the ability to be in control of your finances, which I think is pretty cool.

I am not an expert on crypto but I am excited to announce that we do accept it as a form of payment at the office now. 

Let’s get to the point of why you even clicked on this article in the first place though. How does cryptocurrency translate to your health?

This actually goes back to our blog article talking about self care and what your self care routine says about you. There are 3 different people when it comes to self care, those that rely on others, those that do it all themselves, and those that are in between. There is no right or wrong way to do self care, it really depends on what works best for you. 

Unfortunately in today’s day and age a lot of people, especially people dealing with a lot of health issues, end up relying completely on medical professionals. This isn’t an issue as people can find some great relief going this route, at the same time some people will get stuck in a rut and feel like they are almost on some sort of medical merry-go-round as well. This is where my comparison to cryptocurrency comes into play. 

Like with cryptocurrency, you have the option to take control of your health! You aren’t required to see certain doctors or have to take medication (I am not advocating for stopping medications you may be on). But you do actually have options. A lot of people feel like they are stuck and I think that comes from the fact of not knowing what they don’t know. They don’t know that there are actually other options out there that may be more patient focused and allow them to not feel like they are just a number in the system. The reason I bring this up is because I talk to countless people in the office who have felt this way for a really long time. I’m usually one of their first steps to hopefully getting out of this pattern they’ve felt stuck in, and I’m happy to help!

How might this work?

Unlike cryptocurrency this isn’t all that complicated. Yes people are still somewhat depending on us to take care of them but they are taking their health into their own hands. When someone comes into the office we aren’t providing a bunch of medications, supplements, or anything like that, rather we are focusing on helping their body work at a higher level. We recognize the incredible intelligence that is inside the body is more than capable of healing and providing people with true HEALTH! A lot of people understand and know that our body’s are amazing and have the power to do whatever but I think what happens is when we deal with doctor after doctor, telling us that we need this medication or that certain procedure, we stop believing in our own body’s ability to heal itself. 

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers all we focus on is this intelligence within the body. A lot of the people that come to the office with chronic health issues like migraine, vertigo, chronic pain, headache, have some disturbance going on inside of their body. Yes this intelligence is still working how it’s designed to work but it may be getting blocked a little bit here and there. Like the messages aren’t getting transmitted throughout the body as they should. What we focus on is restoring these messages, this then allows the body to work at maximum potential. By helping this happen the body will naturally start to self heal itself. You’re taking your healthcare into your own body’s potential of healing. 

I do understand that there are conditions out there that require medical attention and I am in no way saying that you should stop life dependent treatments for those sorts of conditions. But the issues that you feel like shouldn’t be causing you so much pain and discomfort. Where you feel like if you were just a little bit healthier you wouldn’t have to worry about or take medications for. That’s what we’re talking about here and that’s what I want you to know, that you do have an option to take your health into your own hands. 

When it comes to cryptocurrency there are a lot of avenues for people to take, and the most popular in the future is going to be having someone hold your hand a little bit while you go through the process of getting into the decentralized finance world. That is essentially what we’re doing at The Specific Chiropractic Centers. Holding your hand to help your body heal from chronic neck and back pain, headaches, migraine, sleep issues, TMJ, vertigo, anxiety, and much much more! If you’re dealing with these conditions and you’re sick of going through the medical merry-go-round then reaching out to us might be the perfect step for you. We offer complimentary consultations so you’re able to check out the office and it allows us to learn more about what you have going on, do some simple tests, and see if you’d be a good fit for the office. 

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