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You know when it’s usually coming and there is nothing you can really do about it other than lay down and dim the lights if you are lucky enough to be home.  It suddenly hits you and almost takes over your entire body, making you unable to function how you are used to. Just about impossible to have clear thoughts without a pounding sensation. Suffering from migraines can be something that takes the life out of certain people.

We are going to go over 4 things that are must know if you suffer from migraines. A lot of people get fed up taking meds for their migraines or taking drastic measures such as that. People have found all of these things to be important when they suffer from migraines and many have found relief when implementing them.


  1. Have Clear Vision

Many people often overlook this but getting your vision checked is something that could really help with migraines. This sounds like a joke but if your vision isn’t up to par what it can be causing is you to squint your eyes, which is putting unnecessary strain on all of those muscles. This can cause a migraine and people don’t even know it!


  1. Skip the Sweets

Something else that many people overlook when they experience migraines regularly is their diet. Often times there is something that they are sensitive to which is causing the migraine. Please reach out to us as we have a relationship with an excellent nutritionist that has helped migraine sufferers a ton.


  1. Water

Our body makeup includes a lot of different things. One of the things that makes up most of it is water, 60% to be exact! What do you think happens if we don’t drink as much water as we should? Things wouldn’t be as nourished as they should be. This includes the brain and nervous system which regulates the body. When the body doesn’t have enough of one thing, like water, something like a headache or migraine can definitely come about.


  1. Get Checked!

The most common thing people with migraines overlook is getting checked. Getting checked for what?! Getting their nervous system checked! The nervous system is key in managing the entire body. In the office we see people all the time who have suffered from migraines for years suddenly not have migraines anymore because we get their nervous system in check and functioning properly. When the nervous system isn’t functioning correctly it is causing the body and brain to not be communicating as one, which could cause a migraine just like that! Measuring the nervous system is what we specialize in at The Specific Chiropractic Center.


If you suffer from migraines regularly I highly suggest you try these out as I have heard from many people that they have seen relief!

One of the people we have worked with who has experienced chronic headaches and migraines in Rachel. She had tried everything there was to try without much luck. It wasn’t until we checked her nervous system that we found a potential problem. Check out the video below to hear the rest of Rachel’s story!

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