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You need to hear this! This message is one that I think could change a ton of lives in the world.

We are filled with emotions every single day we live our lives. Whether that means we are happy, sad, mad, cheerful, laughing, or anything else. I see tons of different people in my office everyday. They range from 85 year old grandmas to 2 year olds. On my end of providing the care, it makes it so I need to be quick on my feet as I have to adapt to each individual. I try to not be a robot.

So many people think us chiropractors are doctors of the back, when in reality we are doctors of the nervous system.

One of the real characters we have seen in the office is Caleb. He came in as a “normal” boy from the outside but internally and at home it was a different story. As he explains below he felt like he was in a really dark place. He was also a perfectionist. This was really exposed during sports. He mentions if he felt like he did something wrong people would have to hold their breath because they thought he was going to get really mad!

When he first came in his mom said that this was really taking a toll not just on his athletic career and ability to have fun also on their family. There were never sure what Caleb was going to show up when doing things.

After a few visit Caleb was asking, “does this have anything to do with stress levels? Because things that used to set me off don’t anymore.”

If this isn’t enough Caleb painted my face to help you understand how he was really feeling before coming to The Specific Chiropractic Centers.

What’s up with Emotions?

People always ask us, “how do you help people with neurodevelopmental disorders?” They are often dumbfounded when I tell them we check and adjust them. By that I mean we check their nervous system and if it isn’t functioning how it’s supposed to then we perform a very specific chiropractic adjustment. This helps restore the function of the nervous allowing the body to function how it’s supposed to function.

A lot of people who have neurodevelopmental disorders have a nervous system issue going on and don’t even know it! That’s why we work directly with the nervous system and its relationship with these disorders. Once we get the nervous system working how it’s supposed to often time we start to see a change in symptoms. Some of these changes can include more self-awareness, better sleep, more cooperative, and being more at ease with everything.

Allowing others to experience these changes themselves and seeing how they not only have an impact on them but also their families, friends, and everyone around them is something we love to do at The Specific Chiropractic Centers. You need to check out the video below to hear Caleb’s story directly from him!


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