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Your Check Engine Light’s On


At least my car dings when the check engine light comes on. 

When I see it’s the check engine light I almost immediately ignore it. I’m not going to pull over at that exact moment, open my hood, and look at the engine in my car. That would be absolutely ridiculous and everyone knows it.

In fact when the check engine light comes on, you can take a look at the engine and you won’t even see anything wrong with it. There is usually an internal problem going on or a sensor went bad or something. All we know is that the signal isn’t reaching the cars computer how it’s supposed to so the check engine light comes on. 

From there we need to take it to a shop so they can use a special scanner to see what the issue is and how we need to fix it. 

More often than not the issue isn’t anything super serious. Like you could probably drive for a really long time yet. But what if we keep on letting things get worse and worse, and we keep ignoring that check engine light?

Over time there is no doubt that our car would break down and we’d have to replace a bunch of parts or the entire engine. 

Now thank goodness we have a check engine light in the first place, otherwise there’s no way we’d be able to tell if the car is actually working correctly or if there is a small part or sensor that needs to be replaced for everything to work properly. 

A car is obviously made up of a bunch of parts but in the end we did figure out how to build a car and keep on making them more advanced. 

Our bodies on the other hand have remained relatively the same since the beginning of mankind. No matter how hard we try there is still no way to make a person from just parts. We are quite complex physical and emotional beings….yet we don’t have a check engine light. The only way we can tell if something is wrong is if we have some sort of symptom. The problem with symptoms and feeling things is, only a small percentage of the nerves in our bodies relay sensory information…or information that allows us to feel things. All of the other nerves are focused on making sure everything is working. 

Now that we know that I feel like we should almost have some sort of check engine light hooked up to us. With the invention of health trackers like the apple watch, whoop, and even oura ring I believe we are getting closer to this but still not quite there yet. 

How Do You Know If There’s An Issue?

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers the only thing we measure is the nervous system, especially this functional part. It’s imperative to us that everything is functioning in the body as it should be. The part that is a little tricky is that most of the people that come into the office for the first time are coming in because they have a variety of symptoms they’re experiencing. Meaning that the body hasn’t been functioning correctly for quite some time as symptoms are usually the last thing to present!

But is there even any proof that there might be something wrong if we don’t feel anything?

Well I’m sure you’ve known or heard of someone being totally healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle…then bam! They get a cancer diagnosis, have a stroke, or a heart attack. For any of those things to happen there had to have been an underlying issue going on that nobody was really aware of. Something was taking place physiologically inside the body to cause some sort of catastrophic event like that. Yet all we are aware of is the end product or what the person experienced symptom wise. Why aren’t we looking at how the body was functioning internally beforehand to potentially reduce the risk of those things happening.

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers our goal is to check how the body is functioning internally at every single visit. You may be wondering how we even begin to figure something like that out. We use a tool called computerized infrared thermography to determine if the nervous system is working correctly or not. This tool is basically the scanner of the check engine light for our health in my opinion. Especially since the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. We are able to see in real time if the nervous system is functioning correctly or not. It can let us know if the wiring of the body is firing on all cylinders or if there is a connection that’s not quite right. 

When we have a connection that isn’t quite right for a long period of time we’ll start to experience things like headaches, anxiety, chronic stress and pain, sleep issues, vertigo and dizziness, along with digestion issues. Obviously we are all so different which means we may experience different symptoms when the nervous system isn’t working how it’s designed to. Fortunately, unfortunately we aren’t the same as an automobile. When a check engine code is thrown there is an obvious fix that needs to be made or part replaced. For humans when we experience a symptom it isn’t always so obvious. 

I know that what we do at The Specific isn’t the end all be all in regards to what people are going through. I will say though, that what we do has a massive impact on how the body is working. If the body is working how it’s supposed to, then there is no doubt that people start to feel better. If all of the pieces of a car are working as one cohesive machine there won’t be a problem and a check engine light won’t pop up on the dashboard. So I ask the question….Is your check engine light on? If you think it is then reach out to us and we’ll see if we can help you out!

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