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Why Our Clients Get The Results They Do

There are tons of different things you can do when looking into healthcare.

You can go the traditional medical route. This usually entails some sort of therapy or medications.

You can go the Eastern Medicine route. This usually entails something along the lines of acupuncture, supplements, energy healing, and other nutritional things.

What is tricky is Chiropractic falls somewhere in the middle. We are really far from medical doctors yet not as close to Eastern Medicine as one would think.

Chiropractic is its own entity.

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Lake Country we see people who have experienced all different kinds of modalities and therapies. What is really cool is almost none of them have experienced what we do in the office…not even the ones who have been to other chiropractors before.

Check out the video below to find out how we are different.

If you don’t want to watch the video I’ll give you a short run down. What really separates us is what we actually do in the office. We work directly with the nervous system and its relationship to everything that is going on in the body. We test the nervous system at every single visit to see how it’s functioning. If we see that everything is working how it’s supposed to then we don’t adjust at all. This has a huge impact on the body as if we were to provide an adjustment when we didn’t need to we would be causing more harm than good. This allows us to make sure the body is functioning at its optimal potential always.

We have to remember that just because you are experiencing symptoms, or not experiencing symptoms, does not mean that you are healthy or unhealthy.

Symptoms are the bodies way of telling us that something is going on. We don’t focus on symptoms at our office, but rather focus on the functioning of the body as a whole. Once the body is functioning at 100% people start to see a change in how they are feeling.

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