Why Changes Can Affect Your Kids Differently!

Ever notice a change in yourself when the seasons change, or when a holiday is coming? It seems like those are always the times when you end up with a cold or something like that. Heck there is an entire flu season when the temperature starts to drop. Do you really think that suddenly the flu virus realizes the temperature drops so it begins to “wake up?” Heck no, it’s because there is more stress put on our bodies compromising the immune system a little bit.


I’m sure some of you already understand that and think that way….but why do some of our kids act totally different with big changes? It can be changes in seasons, school is starting, holidays are coming, a variety of things. They don’t just become sick with a cold or something like that; their mood starts to change drastically!


They can become shy, have outbursts, extreme anger, trouble focusing, crying, stimming, self-abuse, and a bunch of other potential behavior. This is because their nervous system is overloaded. A lot of times they are already dealing with some sort of anxiety. Then when something is added on that they aren’t totally expecting they experience an overflow of emotion.


Imagine taking a sponge, putting it in water, then trying to make it hold more water. It doesn’t work! The only way the sponge will be able to take in more water is by getting rid of some of the current water. This is essentially what’s happening with your child. They are already at full capacity with everything else, then one more thing gets added on that they aren’t expecting and BAM! We have some sort of explosion or outburst. For more information regarding all of this check out the video below.