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What Your Self-Care Routine Says About You


That’s the number of search results on google when I type in the word “self-care”!

How is someone supposed to sift through all of that?! I would say it’s impossible and we all know that if you want to hide something really well you put it on the second page of a google search. Which means if you are actually looking for solid info on google you may never find it due to it not being on that first page. 

With that being said if you are searching for self-care then you probably have some sort of routine going on. But what does your routine look like and what does it say about you?

In my opinion we have 3 types of self-care. The DIY’er, The Dependent, and tThe Hybrid! Which one are you? Now there isn’t a better or worse regarding these as they 

The DIY’er

The DIY’er is the person that, you guessed it, does it themselves! This is the person that spends hours and hours figuring out how to do something on their own. They aren’t super worried about the latest advances in healthcare or really any sort of alternative healthcare that might really help them. They are focused on only doing it themselves. 

I applaud these people as it takes a lot of time and discipline to keep all of this up. You don’t have anyone else around to keep you motivated or have to make sure you’re going to the appointments you’ve made. The one downside of this is that you are responsible for all of it. You  don’t have someone helping you along the way or observing from a different viewpoint which can sometimes be dangerous. I’m sure we all know someone who was “healthy” then all of a sudden had a heart attack, got cancer, or something else very extreme that could have been caught or helped from an outside person beforehand. That is a pretty extreme example but you get the point. If you are a DIY self-care person it’s important to stay up to date with a regular visit to a healthcare provider or your choice. 

The Dependent

The Dependent is the exact opposite of the DIY’er. They rely on other people to make sure their self-care routine is on point. This person has someone for every aspect of their health. They don’t miss a dentist appointment, annual physical, they have all sorts of other alternative healthcare professionals, a personal trainer, and every other sort of professional you can think of. 

The benefit of this is that they are constantly held accountable for their self-care routine by the appointments they make. They almost don’t have a choice not to do their self-care as if they don’t show up they are letting someone else down or potentially being charged a fee for missing an appointment. At the same time they are at the mercy of their providers. If their providers have too busy of a schedule or are unable to reschedule when something comes up, then their self-care routine goes down the drain. Sometimes “The Dependent” won’t put much merit on how they’re actually doing as they have all of the trust, confidence, & responsibility put into their providers. So there might be something that isn’t working the best for them but they might not make a change due to the fact that the provider says everything is going well. There also is no problem with being a dependent person when it comes to self-care as I’m sure you are getting extraordinary care and service from the people you have helping you out!

The Hybrid

The Hybrid is exactly what you’d expect it to be, it’s a mix between both The DIY’er and The Dependent. This is someone who has a great team on their side but also enjoys doing things and figuring out things on their own. 

The benefit of being a hybrid is that they do have this combination. When they’re seeing a provider and maybe realizing that they aren’t the best fit for them, they have the self awareness and comfortability to go a different direction. Potentially trying to figure things out for themselves or reach out to a different provider. Also if they are doing things by themself and realizing that they aren’t going the best, they don’t feel bad reaching out to a provider to get themselves back on track and have some accountability. In my mind The Hybrid is the best when it comes to self-care routines. The only downside at times is having a hard time differentiating between needing to do things by yourself or needing a provider to help out!

Like we mentioned in the beginning, self-care is a giant topic in the world today. The most important thing is figuring out which form or style of self-care works best for you, your schedule, and your budget. Not everyone can afford to hire someone for everything, and not everyone has the time to do everything themselves. No matter what you find works best for you, make sure to stay consistent with it. The hardest part about self care is staying consistent, especially when we get into a stressful situation which is something we covered in this BLOG POST.

If you’re struggling with finding any sort of self-care routine or struggling with accountability, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have formed relationships with tons of people in the community that can not only help guide you through whatever you may or may be struggling with, along with giving you ideas as to what you might benefit from in a DIY way! As mentioned before, it doesn’t matter what form of self-care you start out with or are doing, as long as you maintain consistency and it brings you a sense of wellbeing is all that matters. I hope you’ve found this to be helpful and if you think that something like Chiropractic needs to be added to your self-care routine feel free to reach out. We’d love to schedule a complimentary consultation with you!

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