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THE specific BLOG


You decided to start regular Chiropractic care. Now what?!

What is it like?

Does it hurt?

Will my neck get cracked?

I’m sure tons of questions are going through your head regarding what to expect. One that I think gets asked all the time is what to expect after an adjustment. Obviously the end goal of care is to make the body work better which makes you the person feel better!

When someone comes into the office for their first adjustment I always go through a couple scenarios. One, I always tell them that they need to drink more water than normal as we are eliciting a healing response and flushing out toxins of the body. This helps keep the body hydrated and allows the body to flush more toxins out as well.

Something else I will tell people is if they feel a little bit more run down than they are used to feeling they need to acknowledge that feeling and go to bed a little bit earlier than normal or take a nap. This also ties into the office and how we have people rest after getting adjustment to allow the body to process the adjustment and make it so we don’t have to keep adjusting over and over again!

Now after the first adjustment one of three things can always happen.

1. We can feel better
2. We can feel the same
3. We can feel worse

Now as the doctor there is no way for me to tell what someone will feel like after an adjustment. Sometimes whatever they are dealing with clears up relatively quickly or they’ll have a decrease in some symptoms.

Other times they won’t feel a difference at all right away. This is the most common as most people have been living with this misalignment for a long time so one adjustment isn’t going to have a giant effect most likely. That’s why we have to have people come back a little more frequently in the beginning, to train the top bones in the neck to stay in the proper position.

Lastly sometimes people can feel worse. We are moving something that hasn’t moved in a long time for someone and that can cause the muscles in the body to tighten up and cause soreness. Some people have also said that they’ve experienced some slight dizziness, or a very low grade headache. I never expect this to happen to people but it sometimes can! Now this stuff never lasts a long time….maybe a day.

I hope that clears up some of the thoughts you may have had regarding what to expect after an adjustment. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call: 262-361-3160.

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