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What the Packer’s Season Taught Me

Last Saturday the Green Bay Packers lost their playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers. This may have shocked a lot of Packers fans as we were favored to make it to the superbowl but going into the game I was thinking we had a 50/50 shot at winning…unpopular take, I know. For most of the season we were winning a lot of games but oftentimes we would be winning by one score and the games would be down to the last second.

This isn’t an issue when we are only focusing on the win/loss record but when it comes time for big games, it can get a little sketchy running the operation like that. Now I know the team doesn’t win by narrow margins on purpose but it was kind of the trend this year. Then when a team with a ton of momentum and absolutely nothing to lose came into town, we played like our normal selves and were barely hanging onto the lead. Once that punt was blocked, and the momentum swung to their side, the game was all but over for the Packers.

The season long tendency of barely winning games finally caught up to the Packers, all it took was the cold temps, blowing snow, and a team that was already rolling to cause the loss (well and some crappy playing from the players).

I saw this game and realized that the same can be said about a lot of the people in this world. I’m not talking about football but rather people’s health. Covid is a really great representation of this actually. At this point you’ve either had Covid or have known someone who has had it. It also seems like there are 2 completely different experiences when it comes to having Covid. People are either really really sick, or they aren’t affected too much. The same can be said for a lot of other things in life as well. We’ve all known someone who’s been “healthy” but suddenly they have a really bad cancer.

Just like the Packers season, there are things and situations that really start to magnify certain underlying issues. Sometimes it takes one big thing, along with the presence of smaller things to really set things into chaos. It’s not much of a surprise that people who really focus on taking care of themselves usually don’t have many life threatening issues and usually get over sicknesses relatively quickly. The opposite is true for people who don’t try and live a healthy lifestyle, they usually have issues going on and when they are sick, it usually lasts a long period of time.

Why is this the case?

Have you ever thought about cold and flu season?

Somehow do these viruses just become alive during this season then when the season is done they die and are dormant?


Those viruses are always around. So why is there a season for them/a time when their effects are more prevalent on people than other times of the year?

It comes down to the time of year….which is always fall and winter time. What happens during those times? Kids go back to school, schedules change, the weather changes, holidays are upcoming or happening. All of which are changes of pace for ourselves and our internal system as a whole. So this one season can have a huge impact on our health and how we feel.

For someone that takes care of themselves well, their body is ready and will adapt to these stresses much better than someone who doesn’t focus on taking care of themselves. That may be why we know people who get sick every year and others who are rarely sick. What can we do to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves though. Well eating the correct foods is a huge one, along with exercising regularly and drinking enough water throughout the day. When it comes to foods, make it a point to shop the perimeter of the grocery store as that’s where all of the fresh food is going to be, not the processed foods. Sleep has a huge impact on our health as well and give our body time to regenerate all systems.

But even people who do all of those things will still have issues at times as we mentioned before. There is usually something internal that causes the main issues we face. Almost as if there is tension inside the body and when we encounter that certain stress that tension is cut and all hell breaks loose.

In my opinion this all stems from how the nervous system is working inside of the body. This is a part of the body that isn’t really able to be seen by our eyes but it controls everything that happens in the body, especially with how we adapt to physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional stress. I believe that even the “healthy” people that encounter a lot of problems have an underlying nervous system issue going on. If we were to fix this issue and get the nervous system working properly they wouldn’t have as many problems and would ultimately avoid a lot of potential issues in the future…similar to the Packers season.

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers we focus all of our care around the nervous system. We test the nervous system at every visit and determine if it’s working correctly or incorrectly. If there’s an issue we provide a very specific adjustment to get things back on track. Almost similar to halftime adjustments during a football game. The coaches see what’s working and what’s not working, and tweak the plays and calls accordingly. If we don’t make any changes when there is obviously a problem, that can result in problems regarding your health, and a loss in the playoffs as we encountered with that game. If this is something that you’re interested in, fill out the form linked at the top of our website and we’ll reach out to you. We offer complimentary consultations where we can sit down, learn more about what you’re dealing with, and really see if we can help you out.

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