What Parents Need to Know about Vasculitis and Migraines

If you checked out our blog about talking about migraines then you are aware that around 10% of school-aged kids suffer from migraines. We went over some other statistics along with causes of migraines in kids. One of the issues were issues going on with the nervous system.


The nervous system is comprised of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, and all the nerves that come off the spinal cord going to all the cells, tissues, muscles, and organs in the body. This includes all of the blood vessels in the body.

When there’s an issue going on with the nervous system the body is affected as a whole. From here we can experience a variety of symptoms, one being headaches or migraines, even in kids.


What if this nervous system causes issues with the blood vessels that supply the brain and nervous system?

Suddenly there would be inflammation of the vessels or vasculitis. The brain wouldn’t be getting the correct blood flow and oxygen that is needed. Vasculitis of the nervous system will present much different than normal vasculitis, which is why a lot of doctors find it difficult to treat. Something it can present as is chronic headaches or migraines. Oftentimes doctors will prescribe a dose of steroids to help the issue but that’s never really getting to the root cause. It’s important to remember that the nervous system controls everything in the body.

Even though we are talking about central nervous system vasculitis the nervous system is still in control. The inflammation of the vascular system that is experienced during this condition is just like any other inflammatory process that goes on in the body. Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing but when the body is in a chronic state of it, it is bad.


We have to remember that just like someone that is experiencing pain, the nervous system is what’s in charge of this inflammation in vasculitis issues.

So just because someone is getting chronic headaches or migraines, it may be due to vasculitis which is under control by the nervous system. It’s important to have the nervous system checked to make sure it is working correctly which often times will clear up symptoms.

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