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Train Like a Pro

I played a lot of sports growing up….actually just about every sport other than wrestling.

I was always watching sportscenter and all that other stuff that went along with it.

Even to this day I have been pretty interested in how professional athletes train and prepare for the big moments they need to show up for.

Getting into high school sports got a little more serious to me but it still didn’t really feel like the real deal. In comparison, today sports are taken way more serious than when I was a kid which I think is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Competition and talent has increased dramatically but so has the ridiculous amount of commitment that is involved….ranging from time to traveling to financial, to everything else.

What’s super cool is there is now a place in Lake Country that young athletes are able to get instruction from professional trainers on how to become better. Check out the video below for more information or keep on reading!

Inside of Be Fitness in Delafield is Impact Sports Academy.

I know if past videos we have mentioned Impact Sports Academy but I don’t think we have actually gone over what it is all about. It is open to all ages and all sports and all athletic abilities. They only want kids who are committed to putting in the work and becoming better athletes. They have an area to practice golf swings, hockey skating, ice baths (as you’ve seen), a swimming pool, a turf field for drills, and everything in between.

It’s truly amazing the intensity that they run the program at and it is a no brainer that there are multiple kids in the program that are already planning on playing sports in college. If your child wants to go to that next level when it comes to sports then I would definitely check out Impact Sports Academy.

Learn more.

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