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Growing up it wasn’t uncommon for me to leave a store very distraught after my parents told me I could get a Hot Wheels car. This may sound like a weird reason to feel this way, and you’re right!

When my parents would tell me that I could pick out one car, I basically froze. I simply couldn’t do it! Do I want this one or that one? Will this one roll better than that one? I like the design of this one but the paint job of this other one is cooler….what to do?! This is at the point where I simply left without anything.

This seems very silly but I know there are tons of other kids out there who deal with very similar things. This is where I want to help not only them but also their entire families. When someone is dealing with anxiety, or any other type of neurodevelopmental disorder it not only affects them but also takes a toll on the family and everyone they are around.

One of the main ways that people will try and control anxiety is by giving medications, which can definitely be effective but at what cost? I will often have parents come in and explain how their kids suddenly lose the personality they have grown to love and almost become zombies. Kids with anxiety often times are stuck in a fight or flight state, meaning it is difficult for the body to calm down and make normal decisions. This is due to a nervous system issue going on.

What we do at The Specific Chiropractic Centers Lake Country is work directly with the nervous system and its relationship to what these kids are dealing with. By doing this we are able to allow the nervous system to get away from being stuck in this fight or flight mode constantly and balance it back out to this resting and digesting state that we should be in. This in turn allows the person to feel much calmer and not experience anxiety nearly as much! There are still some times where it takes me a while to make certain decisions but specific chiropractic care has helped me immensely and I’m sure it can do the same for you or your child!

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