The Lake Country Chiropractor Who Actually Cares

Ever think it’s crazy when you have a unique experience at a business somewhere and realize that it would be great if someone you knew elsewhere could experience that same exact thing?


That’s what people have said to us at the office and what’s great is they are able to experience this! We have office all over the country, ranging from Boston to Hawaii. Everyone does the exact same thing in all of the offices, meaning we all practice upper cervical specific chiropractic.


We all get together twice a year to make sure we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing correctly. We recently had our team training in Indianapolis where we worked on our mission statement. We wanted to make sure that it captured everything that our offices strive to achieve.


We Put the Health & Care back into Healthcare


That is what we came up with. It really captures what we do in our offices. Everyone that comes in knows that they aren’t going to be part of a giant system and become a number. People know that we are going to care for them and listen to everything they have going on. They know that we are here for them, even if they just need someone to vent to about being stressed out or share exciting news!


We always have a ton of fun when we get together for team training even though it’s a lot of work. It’s exciting that everyone is going to be coming to Milwaukee in September for our next team training. If you are wondering if there is an office by you or one of your family members or friends check out the video below or reach out to us. Hope you enjoy the video and if you are frustrated with the healthcare system consider trying out upper cervical specific chiropractic for your health needs.

Who is Dr. Mike Merkt?

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