Tasting Good While Being Healthy – Smoothie Hack

Whenever someone says something is healthy the general idea is that it probably doesn’t taste the best. This can definitely make it difficult to eat healthy, and even harder….have your kids eat healthy!


This has been a little bit of a problem for myself. Although I know I should eat healthy and know the things I should eat to accomplish that I never wanted to as things like vegetables have never been my favorite. What I did find out was that I really like smoothies.


Now most of the smoothies I make are mainly fruit but I do sneak some spinach and kale in there. The problem I started to have was that a lot of my produce was going bad in the fridge, so I came up with a solution. Frozen fruit is easily found at every grocery store but frozen kale and spinach isn’t really a thing.


This is where my smoothie hack came into play. A friend of mine said that he would blend kale and spinach with water then pour that mixture into ice cube trays. Most people already put ice cubes in their smoothies as filler so this makes it so those ice cubes aren’t filler. This will also make it easier for you to incorporate some healthy foods into your children’s diets. If you have a child dealing with neurodevelopmental issues then you know how important gut health is. This is a way to help stabilize gut health. Check out the video below to see how they’re made.