Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the mud….no matter how someone phrases that it’s not good!

My dad and I recently went to this event called the Motocross of Nations. It’s basically the Olympics or Ryder Cup of motocross. This might sound weird that I went to something like this but motocross is what got me into Chiropractic.


This event usually isn’t in the United States but it was so we went! I had been looking forward to this event for 10 months so when the weekend came it was obvious that I was excited. The only problem is that there was a lot of a rainfall the couple days before the event. This made of the racing surface to be pretty wet and the crowd viewing area alongside the track muddy!


As you can see by the picture we were just about up to our ankles in mud…there were a few times where my shoes were almost pulled off my feet due to being stuck in the mud. There were even a few riders on the track that got stuck in the mud!


Enough about this race, you get the picture. We aren’t talking about motorcycles or shoes being stuck in the mud. We are talking about you being stuck in the mud!


Not literally stuck but figuratively.


Have you ever been in a situation or time in your life where you feel like there was no real progress going on?


This what we are talking about when we say stuck in the mud. We go about our lives the same day in and day out and get in a groove per say. We are happy for a while but there comes a time where this begins to become frustrating.


The relationship is progressing, you stopped losing weight, you’re feeling the same, you’re making the same amount of money….it can be anything!


If you are reading this and saying that has never happened to you I feel like you aren’t being real with yourself. This has happened to everyone….everyone has been stuck in the mud!


One of the hardest and sometimes the easiest things to do is to get unstuck. When my dad and I were walking in the mud we would look and see where we were going and sometimes had to change paths dramatically in order to not hit more mud. Other times we had no choice but to go thru more mud to reach better ground.


The same goes with what we are talking about here. You’re going to have to make changes to what you’re doing. Sometimes those changes can be pretty easy while other times they can be extremely difficult. Maybe it means just getting up a little earlier, not eating dessert every night, or something like that. It can also mean cutting people out of your life, having to come up with a gym routine, starting to take your health seriously and looking into different options.


How a Specific Chiropractor Can Help


At The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we have people come in all the time that are stuck in the mud. They have tried a bunch of other things or maybe we are their first step. Regardless they are trying to get unstuck. A lot of times people will be trying different things regarding their health and nothing will have as big of an effect as they wanted.


Health is a multi-faceted thing comprised of proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset, and a healthy functioning nervous system. A lot of times people will have a nervous system issue going on and not even know it. When that’s the case nothing else in the body can work how it’s supposed to. This can cause those other things they are trying regarding their health less effective. We work directly with the nervous system and those things. Once we get the nervous system working how it’s supposed to and the body starts to function properly people start to experience change. People become unstuck.


If you are stuck in the mud don’t hesitate to reach out! We work with a number of other providers and will be able to point you in the right direction!


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