Physical and Emotional Trauma: One in the Same?

Why do people get sick around October and November?

Sure that is when everyone says that’s when flu season starts….but there isn’t an actual flu season. Rather if you notice during those times there are a lot of things changing in people’s lives and the environment.


First off that time of year is when the temperature starts to drop and we are going towards winter. This puts stress on the body making it adapt and change with the environment.


Add on the fact that we are also going into all the major holidays during this time. With the holidays comes a multitude of other worries: seeing family, financial stress, buying the right gifts, making food, organizing parties….the list goes on and on.  All of this is emotional stress but it plays a major roll on the body. This is one more thing that the body needs to adapt to in order to function properly.


Add this along with the environmental changes going on and that makes for a lot of things that the body needs to combat. Now imagine if the body is already not functioning at 100 percent and this is added to it.


Emotional and Physical Effects of Trauma 

This emotional stress can have a huge effect on the body and suddenly start to cause physical symptoms. Even if it isn’t causing physical symptoms we see time and time again in the office changes going on with the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls the entire body this can lead to other things people may experience. We have clients come in that were feeling great then something tragic happens in their life and suddenly they are starting to have physical effects.


These physical effects are caused from the emotional stress/trauma that is going on. At The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Lake Country we understand better than anyone else the effects of emotional stress on the physical body and how they are all linked. We specialize in making sure you are able to adapt to these emotional stressors allowing you to feel the best and be the best you can.