How will chiropractic work for me?

Maybe that’s a question that you’ve asked yourself.

Then you think about the twisting and popping and cracking, and it kind of scares you.

Well, I want you to know that it is completely safe and that those twists, and cracks, and pops are actually just a side effect of the adjustment.

That popping noise that we hear is just air bubbles that are popping inside of the joint.

Now, what’s really cool is that our office, we use this specific table, and it makes it so we don’t have to twist the head or the neck.

I think that’s really awesome.

A lot of people really appreciate it as well.

In fact, we take care of people that are only weeks old to over 90 years old.

We take care of injured people, people that have been in car accidents, pregnant people along with people that are just looking to better their health and wellness and just function at 100%.

If chiropractic is something that you’re interested in, I’m Dr. Mike Merkt at the Specific Chiropractic Centers — feel free to leave us a message.