Is Chiropractic Safe For Kids?


This is something every parent wants for their kids. Look both ways and hold hands when crossing a road, don’t take candy from strangers, wear a helmet when riding your bike, don’t eat too much candy…..the warnings can go on forever. You get the point, we are constantly concerned about the safety and well being of our kids!

When it comes to healthcare that’s when things can get really cloudy it seems. We always assume that all providers have the best interest, which they do. The problem arises when our kids start to have potentially chronic issues that may require medication. There are more parents now than ever before that don’t want to put their kids on medication for certain conditions. If that’s the case, then what do they do, what are the options?

The family pediatrician only has a few things they recommend, the main one being medication or stating that the child will just grow out of it. This doesn’t seem right, as they should have everyone’s best possible interest. Well, they definitely do have everyone’s best interest in regards to what they have been taught.


The Specific Difference

At The Specific Chroipractic Centers – Lake Country we have a lot of parents contact us to get their kids in for a myriad of conditions. One question that comes up all the time is “Is Chiropractic safe for kids?” This is a super valid question as a lot of videos out there and people’s idea of Chiropractic, especially neck adjustments, are kinda scary! The twisting and popping even scares me and is something I didn’t let people do to me in school even! 

We go over what we do in the office and how the specific technique we do is very different than what most people think of. There is no twisting at all and often times there won’t even be a pop or what I describe to kids, a “bone fart.” The pop that people hear and get scared of is an air bubble popping in a joint. With the kids, we modify the adjustment quite a bit and use very little force, as they don’t need as much force as a 250lb man. Along with this we don’t just lay someone on a table and feel their back. Rather we use a device called computerized infrared thermography, which measures very specific temperatures and tells us how the nervous system is working. This takes all of the guesswork out and allows us to make sure we adjusting only when absolutely necessary. With any type of healthcare, sure there are risks but a lot of times the risk is much lower than going the “conventional way.”

The gut health will not get disrupted like it would with a course of antibiotics for an ear infection. The child’s personality won’t change like it often does with ADD/ADHD or anti-anxiety medication. If we see that there is nervous system dysfunction going on, the best thing we can do is provide a specific, scientific adjustment allowing the nervous system to work how it’s supposed to. That’s when we start to see changes in kids’ symptoms and conditions. All in all, Chiropractic is safe for kids and we see kids every day in the office. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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