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Inventing Anna Delvey

Have you seen this show on Netflix yet?

I recently started watching it and I can’t believe it! What’s even crazier is that it’s based on true events….that took place a few years ago!!

If you haven’t seen the show let me give you a little bit of a rundown on it. 

So there’s this woman, Anna Delvey, who is from Russia/Germany. She comes to the USA on vacation and decides she is going to stay and live in New York. She is very posh and fancy, dresses very nicely, does all the things a wealthy 20-something girl should be doing in New York. 

She tells people that she is a German Heiress and has a giant trust fund from her father. She meets all the important people in New York and her plan is to start an exclusive social club centered around art. A place where the wealthy can come and hangout along with upcoming artists to perform and show their art at the same time. 

She acquired a team of who’s who when it comes to New York real estate, architecture, art installation planning, chefs, and everyone else in that space. She was even applying for a 40 million dollar loan to help fund all of this. The crazy thing is that lenders were really considering funding this 20 something year old girl! 

In the show you see the trials and tribulations of all of this as she stabs a lot of her friends in the back and spends money like it is nothing. You start to realize that maybe all of this stuff is actually made up. That she doesn’t actually have any trust money to her name and that she’s been covering up the fact that she’s someone that just wants to be a big name and famous!

Why am I even talking about this TV show that really has nothing to do with your health? Well it actually has everything to do with your health! If you still watch TV you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every other commercial is an advertisement for some sort of pill you can take to help whatever symptom or issue you might be dealing with. At the end of the commercial they usually cover all of the side effects which if you actually listen to them are pretty terrifying. The medication that can help your symptoms may also cause other issues. On top of that the medication is really only covering up your symptoms and not actually fixing the cause of the problem. 

The medication is really acting like Anna Delvey in a way! Sure it can provide hope and some reassurance but in the end it’s not really fixing the problem that’s causing the symptoms. It’s masking things, almost a scam on your health. 

Okay okay, before you get worked up I do understand that there are medications that people depend on every single day to stay alive and those aren’t the ones that I’m talking about here. We’re talking about the ones that mask symptoms of things that are common and not necessarily life threatening. Why keep on taking these when we know that they aren’t fixing the problem? Well I think it comes down to the fact that people become hopeless in other forms of treatment or they just don’t know that there are other options out there. 

Which is where we can come into play!

What we do at The Specific Chiropractic Center Lake Country is focus on helping people figure out the cause of their health issues and fix it! This allows people to get back to living the lives they want to live without having to depend on medications. By stepping into this work I realized that some medications are somewhat of a scam to people, it somewhat tricks them into thinking they’ll be fixed from the medication but in reality the medication is covering up their problem and they don’t even realize it.

What we do is focus on the root of the problem. Sure masking the problem and covering up symptoms works in the short term but in the long run it’s often not super sustainable. We work directly with the nervous system. This is the master control system of the body. By focusing on this area we’re able to un-scam the situation. Since the nervous system controls everything in the body it can help get everything working correctly. Once everything starts working correctly symptoms start to decrease for people. The trick part can be coming off of the medications. This is something that people have to talk about with their doctors that prescribed the medication but this is something that we do often see and we celebrate when it happens!

I realize that what we’re talking about isn’t a true scam like the ones that took place regarding Anna Delvey but I think you understand what we mean by it. Yes medications do have their place in today’s society but I think we can all agree that we know someone who may be over prescribed. Where suddenly one medication that is truly needed for them is causing a myriad of other issues that causes other medications to be prescribed. 

If this article resonates with you in any way I ask you to take a stand for your health. That may be starting to eat healthier, start asking your primary doctor about stopping certain medications, or even thinking about starting chiropractic care. If you have any questions regarding any of this information please let me know. Unlike the people that Anna Delvey scammed there are a variety of choices you have to take control of your health and stop scamming yourself by masking symptoms you have. It forsure can be scary as you might have a phase where you feel worse than better but in the long run if you’re committed to changing your lifestyle it will 100% be worth it! Give us a call if this is something you have questions about and if we can’t help we can forsure send you in the right direction!

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