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How You Can Be Like Ironman

Have you seen any of the Marvel or Ironman movies?

I am not a diehard super hero fan but I do enjoy watching them when I catch one flipping thru channels.

What’s interesting about superheros is that they are pretty normal when they don’t have their suit on. Like they are just normal people like you and I.

Once they put their suits on they become super and have some sort of super power! I like to call this their alter ego. Something that is super cool is that you and I can also have an alter ego..if we wish.

Check out the video below for more information on what we’re talking about or keep reading.

So what we are really talking about is similar to a costume change, for me it works like that at least. This is a phenomenon that has been going on for years. What it allows you to do is manage relationships, business, family, and everything else much better.

When I go to the office everyday I am dressed a certain way, which makes me act a certain way. Once I get home I change into my normal clothes which makes me not only act a different way but it also allows me to separate myself from the office. This is where the magic happens as it makes it so I can focus on other things in my life that are important without having to worry about work.

Yours doesn’t have to be changing clothes, you can put on a different pair of glasses, a piece of jewelry, a certain belt, whatever! This will not only decrease stress in your life (especially around the holidays) but also strengthen a lot of things that were lacking or were on the back burner. It has done wonders for me as I hope it can do the same for you!

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