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How My Normal Headaches Changed My Life

No more headaches.

That’s something I’ve had the privilege of having for quite a while now. 

Okay I get a headache every now and then but it’s few and far between.

I actually think back to when I was younger and try and remember what that was like. What’s interesting is that oftentimes I just lived with it and kept going. 

This was totally fine for me and I think a lot of people do the same. The problem arises when you keep doing this but your headaches keep getting worse. 

I was also in my teenage years and dealing with quite a bit of back pain with it. It didn’t help that I was active in sports in high school like football as well as racing motocross. I say it didn’t help because both of those sports are pretty physically demanding from the standpoint of getting hit and hitting your head a decent amount of times. If I think about it, both of those things are less than ideal for someone who experiences “normal” headaches. 

I kept participating in both of these until my back got too painful and I had to do something. I could barely swing my leg over my motorcycle to ride. 

My dad to my best friend I raced with happened to be a Chiropractor. I didn’t know anything about Chiropractic at the time other than if you have back pain they could usually help you out.

Which guess what?! I had some pretty bad back pain!

He had a home office where he would see friends so I met him at his house. He asked me some simple questions as well as performed some basic tests. 

It didn’t occur to me in the slightest that it could be related but he did ask if I ever experienced headaches or anything like that. 

I remember telling him nothing serious other than the normal headaches everyone gets.


Little did I know that headaches were far from normal! I was having about 2-3 headaches a week. Like I said earlier these headaches weren’t debilitating in any way but still caused some discomfort and annoyance. 

Before I knew it I was under care and starting to feel a little better. The first thing I noticed was my low back pain and neck pain decreasing. 

It wasn’t until he asked me about my headaches that I realized I was barely experiencing them anymore. I would have them every now and then but the “normal” headaches I was having were relatively gone. 

This piqued my interest. 

I knew I wanted to help people in some sort of way when I grew up….I just wasn’t sure yet. 

I thought it was really cool that with Chiropractic you could heal the body with the body. What I mean by that is instead of prescribing medications to people, you could check them out and adjust them if necessary and they can get better. 

Getting better without meds?! Sign me up for that right?

This essentially changed my life as well as countless other lives indirectly. 

I took all the necessary steps to become a Chiropractor and all that stuff. 

To this day something that I focus on in my office is helping people get rid of their “normal” headaches or migraines that they’ve learned to live with. 

When someone comes into the office they have usually tried multiple things, had a bunch of different tests and scans done, and usually everything comes back negative. Now this is a good thing but at the same time someone who is dealing with migraines all the time somewhat wants something to be found on one of these scans. 

A type of test that is often never done at a normal doctor’s office or by a neurologist is computerized infrared thermography. It’s a test of the nervous system unlike any others. It shows us how the nervous system is working and if the messages are getting to and from the brain how they are supposed to. 

If there is an issue here and these messages aren’t getting to and from the brain how they are supposed to this can cause a variety of problems. One of the most common problems it will cause is headaches and migraines, chronic neck and back pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and TMJ pain. 

People are somewhat relieved when I first show them these scans of the nervous system because they suddenly know that they aren’t crazy and that these symptoms aren’t just “in their head.” There is an actual problem going on with a solution!

Once we see that there is a nervous system going on it not only gives me, as the doctor, hope but also the person who is dealing with the problems. So we have a problem but how do we go about fixing it?

Well that is all based on a very specific, scientific, Chiropractic Adjustment.

This isn’t your normal Chiropractic Adjustment, there is no twisting of the head or neck, crunching bones in your neck and back, or anything like that. IF we have to give an adjustment it is very Specific and at a visit there is only one Adjustment to the upper neck which is where the Nervous System originates.

We determine where the Adjustment needs to take place based on a very special set of x-rays that are initially taken. Once we look at the x-rays and see that there is a Nervous System issue going on based on the scans we give an Adjustment. 

Our goal is to always make sure that the Nervous System is working at 100% oftentimes resulting in the person feeling a heck of a lot better and not experiencing their symptoms as frequently. 

For people experiencing “normal” headaches or migraines like I was I cannot emphasize how important this test is for you and making sure that your nervous system is working properly. This will decrease the amount of headaches or migraines you get and can definitely eliminate them as well. By doing this your anxiety will decrease and we see a decrease in people’s chronic pain as well. 

If you’re interested in this sort of thing check out The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Lake Country. 

Also check out this video to hear a little bit more about my story.

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