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Something I try and do on a regular basis is go to the gym.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone that going to the gym only for a little bit will not get you any results. In fact, even when you go for a while it’s almost hard to see any changes unless you took pictures of yourself before you started going to the gym.

How does this apply to what we’re doing at the office?

Just like working out, it takes a little bit for people to realize they are even experiencing changes regarding their health.

The problem arises when people expect medication type changes. What do we mean by “medication type changes.” This is the idea that you see an instant change. Now there are cases where people will have changes immediately following the first adjustment or first handful of adjustments. This usually is not the case though. It usually takes several visits until people will see any sort of change in how they feel.

This is because most people who come in the office have had the issues they are dealing with for quite some time. When people experience symptoms what they don’t realize is that there was an underlying problem for far longer than their symptoms. The nervous system is usually in a state of dysfunction before any sort of symptom is experienced.

The nervous system is comprised of the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord/nerves. Nerves originate from the brainstem area, go down the spinal cord, and out to whatever areas they are supposed to go to in the body. Sometimes these nerves won’t be receiving proper communication from the brain which causes the nerves to breakdown, whatever cell, tissue, muscle, or organ to breakdown, and then people experience some sort of symptom.

We focus on the functioning of the nervous system. Once everything is working how it’s supposed to, then when we start to see a change in people’s symptoms. We always like to remind people that their health challenges didn’t pop up suddenly but was something that took a long time to acquire. If you have any questions about what we do at The Specific Chiropractic Centers give us a call 262-361-3160.

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