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Over the weekend my friends and I were riding little dirt bikes around, if you have never ridden a motorcycle or dirt bike before this is the best way to learn.

All of us have been riding for a long time so riding small bikes turns into a game, like how fast can we go and all of that stuff.

Now with the bikes being so small, and me being quite tall (6’4”) I don’t fit on these bikes very well. I slammed my knees into the handlebars multiple times causing some pretty good bruising going on.

Obviously I had some inflammation going on in my knees at the times and the body recognized that and eventually healed those bruises. What happens if the body is unable to get rid of inflammation or that it stays in an inflammatory state? Suddenly there is no way that it can function at it’s maximum potential.

When we look at any type of disease or disorder there is always a state of inflammation going on in the body. The body is stuck in a chronic fight or flight state at all times in these situations. With the body being stuck in this there is no way that it can actually properly heal from these diseases or disorders. So how do we fix this chronic inflammation or where does it come from?

It can come from multiple areas but one that can really cause problems is the gut.

The gut is made up of a bunch of bacteria and it’s important that it maintains a certain relationship between all of them. If this relationship gets messed up and suddenly we start absorbing foreign particles or molecules the body is going to fight them off. It’s normal for them to fight them off, but the problem arises when we are constantly absorbing these things. The body get’s put into a chronic state of inflammation. We need to start focusing on healing this gut issue then get the body to start functioning how it’s supposed to.

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers we focus on making sure the body is working how it’s supposed to.

When the body is working how it’s supposed to there is no limit to what it can do or heal…..from bruises caused from riding little dirt bikes to chronic disorders/diseases.

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