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Construction To Your Health

The building our office is in is getting a facelift right now. 

So what does that mean?

As I’m sitting here the entire office is vibrating and very noisey…quite opposite from what it normally is. The zero gravity chairs in the resting room suddenly have a vibrating feature to them from the noise and shaking. At the moment the construction workers are jack hammering the front door concrete slab out for a new and improved one to come. 

In the meantime the front door to the building is now inoperable due to there being no way to get to it! 

If we’re looking at this, they are actually making the building worse than better!!!

Of course we know that in order to improve things on buildings there is a destruction phase, which actually means tearing old things down and out before the new things can be added. What’s interesting is that a ton of other things in our lives are the same way!

Have you ever felt stuck or in a crappy mood?

I know I have and something I did was look around and realized that I was surrounding myself with those types of people. So for a brief moment I was somewhat friendless until I found people that motivated me and made me happy!

Even cooking a meal, the ingredients might be everywhere, the kitchen might get messy but in the end everything turns out amazing!

When doing laundry, if you were to open up the washing machine half way through the clothes are wet, some might be dirtier from the other dirty clothes in there, but they end up being fresh and clean!

The same can be said about your health!

Now we aren’t going to be jack hammering your body like the construction workers are doing to the front of our building right now. Nor are we going to be cutting things up like you do when cooking a meal. 

What the HEALTH are we talking about then?

Have you ever known someone who’s had cancer?

I’m sure you have or atleast kind of know what all goes into it. Usually someone starts feeling sick or they notice they have a lump somewhere. They go to the doctor, get the diagnosis, and then figure out a treatment option. Once cancer treatment starts it can be a long road. With that treatment there is usually a lot of pain. Chemotherapy takes a huge toll on the body with people losing hair and experiencing a lot of physical and emotional pain along the way. Now once everything is healed up then everyone is happy but we never really think about the difficult treatment process that goes along with it do we?

When it comes to our health, usually if we want to see any sort of positive change there is a challenging part that we need to go through. 

The same can be said for what we do in the office.

Yes we do get some absolutely amazing results for the people that walk into the office and go through a care program with us….but that isn’t without some potential not fun times as well!

People will go through, what I like to call, a state of retracing. It’s almost like peeling back layers of an onion regarding their health. Oftentimes people will start coming in for care and they’ll start to get better and all is well. Then randomly, they’ll start to experience symptoms that they haven’t had for years and years. 

This is where it starts to get like construction. We are actually going back in time regarding their health. We need to go back and get through those symptoms to uncover the absolute true potential of the human body and the health everyone deserves. This state of retracing luckily doesn’t stay as long as the ugly part of construction but it is still something that can take place during the care we provide at the office. 

The idea of retracing is something that I bring up to people before we even start care. I like to do this just in case it happens as it doesn’t happen for everyone. I never want people to feel like I lied to them as they may experience things they haven’t in a long time. Experiencing those symptoms is actually a good thing! It shows that we are progressing in how the body is functioning and that we’re working through and breaking old habits to create new ones. 

Now don’t be alarmed, if someone does go through a state of retracing it doesn’t last a super long time. Usually something like that will last a week at the longest and we’re right back to feeling great!

Maybe you’re not feeling 100% or have a sense that your body should be working a little bit better than what it is. If that’s the case then I’d say it’s time to get your body under construction. With our building there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with it. There might not be anything wrong with your body on the outside but internally it may not be working at its full potential. That’s where we come into play and make sure that the nervous system is working correctly and all the wires are connected how they’re supposed to be. 

You might be someone who knows that there’s an issue going on with your body or maybe you’re just trying to make sure that the electrical system is working how it’s designed to. Regardless of where you fall it might not be a bad idea to come in and have us take a look to make sure that everything is working properly. Maybe specific chiropractic care is the perfect fit for you in which case we’ll start construction! If it isn’t the perfect fit for you then I’m sure I can refer you to someone who will be able to help you out and get you feeling your best! Chiropractic care, like almost all other health interventions does take work and there are times where you aren’t going to feel your very best but we’re always making sure that we are heading towards the path of true health. It might get a little yucky (like my building renovation) but it will get better!

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