Are Chiropractors Doctors?

This is a question that gets asked every now and then and maybe one that you ask yourself.

One might think that this is offensive to ask Chiropractors but it makes complete sense as to why someone would have this question. If you check out Chiropractors websites they will often times have a few tabs talking about their office, staff, questions, blogs, and also conditions.


The conditions/services tab is where things start to get interesting and where the confusion begins for you, the consumer. There’s a lot of Chiropractors out there who will do exercises, acupuncture, weight loss programs, nutritional counseling, and a whole bunch of other things. These all obviously pertain to someone’s health but they certainly aren’t chiropractic and are able to be done by someone who just needs a certificate.


So what does a Chiropractor actually do?

We covered this in a previous blog post but we will briefly go over it. What we do is check someone for nervous system interference. If there is interference we check the x-rays taken on the initial visit and give a very specific scientific adjustment.


Now something you might be saying to yourself is that you can crack your back yourself, or have a buddy walk on it while you lay on the ground. Sure there are a lot of people who do that and find some sort of symptom relief from that. What we do at The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Lake Country is completely different from that. We work with the top two bones in the neck specifically. This is an area that “your buddy” can’t just walk on. We have tons and tons of hours to become specialized in this area on top of all the schooling that is required.


To be a Chiropractor you have to get a bachelors degree followed by graduate school/doctorate program, so 8 years total, which indeed, makes us doctors. We are not doctors of the back, but rather doctors of the nervous system. This is important as the nervous system controls everything in the body. Rather than us being a technician to the client and catering to all of their needs we are actually seeing if an adjustment needs to take place or not, even if certain symptoms are present or not.


Now you know, that in fact…Chiropractors are doctors.


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