A Hidden Gem in Lake Country | Roost Mercantile

Lake Country is made up of a bunch of small towns, as I’m sure you know. I grew up
in the area so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the area as a whole as well as
new things opening and all of that stuff. One place I did not know about was Lyndale
Farms. It always just looked like a white barn on a hill to me when I’d drive by and
didn’t really know what went on there….I thought it might have just been a storage

I decided to check out this place and learned that it was filled with some awesome
small businesses. One of them being Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery which we did a
video on a month ago that I hope you saw. While we were making that video
someone came running out to us saying that we needed to check out this store
called Roost!

With someone being that adamant there was no way that I couldn’t not check it out.
I went inside and couldn’t believe how much awesome stuff was in there. I later
learned that it is comprised of multiple people’s creations and mini stores if you
may. A lot of creators and makers rent part of the store to have their products in.
The products/creators do have to go through a selection process and the store
rarely has any free space for new displays with most of the people being there since
the beginning.

I met with Kristine the owner and learned all about the creation of the store and
where the idea came from. Kristine started herself as refinishing old furniture,
which she has for sale in the store. What was amazing to me was that a lot of the
furniture she refinishes looks brand new. This is obviously the point of it but often
times when people refinish furniture you can tell and that’s always been a turnoff to
me. Not with Kristine’s which is so cool to me!

Check out the video below to learn more about Roost and what makes the great
place it is in Lake Country!